Phone appending is your portal to a complete picture of your customers. By tapping into our up-to-date database of over 500 million numbers, you can broaden your reach and create a more comprehensive, 为您的组织准确的目录.

通过AS真人的实时电话查询, you receive corresponding quality data for each number that calls you. Our landline and mobile phone append services give you accurate information about particular numbers before you make the call to them.

Whether you are looking to receive extensive returns on your marketing spend, 提高客户满意度, 或者改善你的讨债资源, 你不能没有更新的电话号码.


We believe that data is the most powerful catalyst for understanding your customers—and expert phone appending is instrumental to this quest. 不准确的数据和没有数据一样好.

That’s why our premium phone append service checks your records against our massive database to ensure the highest match rate between name and number. Our goal is to ensure every contact customer entry is relevant and precise. AS真人 paints an accurate picture of each caller by accessing their name, 找到他们的地址, and teaching you about their specific demographics—and all in real-time.

这对你来说意味着什么? 很简单:

  • 增加客户满意度. 如果你更了解他们,你就能更好地为他们服务.
  • 更多的推荐. 用最少的麻烦扩大你的影响力.
  • 最大化营销投资回报率. 没有浪费的花费去追逐幽灵客户.
  • 尽量减少时间和金钱的浪费. 别再打错电话了. 与你想要的消费者沟通.
  • 聪明的债务催收助手. Get closer to finding your debtors and boosting your bottom line.

Our technology allows you to maximize the power of a single call.


Outbound calling campaigns can send the most zen of marketers into a flurry—and the number one reason for this is inaccurate and incomplete information. In our quest to prevent our clients from wasting energy on inaccurate information, 激发他们的赚钱潜力, we have designed a phone appending service that does the work for you.

Our data solutions locate anyone from the simple phone call they make to you. as视讯真人将每个电话号码与as视讯真人的巨大, nationwide directory to check if the phone number matches the person. If it doesn’t, we will simply give you the correct information.

拥有广泛的公共数据库, 私人, 固定电话和无线电话号码, we can give you a comprehensive insight into who is on the other end of the line. When you want to contact data for any of your customers or leads, it will be at your fingertips.

Our real-time batch or API service will help you access:

  • 调用者的名字. We determine whether the phone number you have for an individual is correct.
  • 调用者的邮寄地址. 从as视讯真人的数据库检索详细的地址数据, 包括街道地址, 邮政编码, 城市, 和国家.
  • 调用者人口. 通过更好地了解每个客户和潜在客户, 你可以发现如何为你的基地服务, 和种植一样.

as视讯真人的服务, you have the opportunity to leverage every call that is made to you and, 反过来, you can make the most of every call to your prospects and customers.


The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was set up to protect consumers from having their privacy violated by telemarketers, 预先录制好的消息, 和auto-dialers. Since its inception, the TCPA has been amended to place additional restrictions on companies.

One of the more significant of these is the creation of the National Do Not Call list. This is the moment where telemarketers should sit up and pay attention; the Do Not Call List is a free, governmental service that allows households to avoid receiving marketing calls at home.

除此之外, the TCPA places restrictions on autodialers and prerecorded messages that are made without the written consent of the receiver.

What does all this mean for you as an organization or marketing professional? 本质上, protecting your business by staying within the bounds of TCPA regulations is not negotiable. The penalties are severe, with fines ranging from $500 to $1500 per email or text. It’s not hard to see how non-compliance is simply not an option.

How do you continue with outbound marketing campaigns while still playing within the bounds of the TCPA?

这就是as视讯真人的切入点. Our nationwide file—updated daily to be one of the largest and most accurate in the world—helps you verify the following:

  • Type of phone you are calling, whether it is a landline or cell phone.
  • Whether the owner of the line is the same person who gave consent to be contacted
  • 如果手机已经从固定电话移植到无线电话

有了这些信息, remaining TCPA compliant while still conducting a successful campaign is completely achievable.

If you would like to talk to us about how your company can stay TCPA compliant, 请别犹豫给as视讯真人打电话. We would love to have our Nationwide Phone File work for you.

Identify Disconnected Phone Numbers to Save You Time and Money

You know that our phone append service will help you achieve an accurate, detailed directory through specially designed technology. You also now know that we can assist you with TCPA compliance, 随着as视讯真人的技术添加电话号码,您拨打.

But did you know that we can also shave time off any telemarketers day?

One of the key features of reverse phone appending is the ability to check numbers against our directory to see whether they are still in use. Think of the hours you will save not having to discover this information yourself. 在瞬间, you will be able to see if a number has been disconnected and make a decision to remove them from your database.

Our mission is to use our phone appending technology to help you capitalize on your time and money. Think of how much more you could achieve if you no longer had to concern yourself with whether your database contained accurate, 可靠的电话号码信息.